Company Overview of Concrete Formwork Accessories

Posted by Charles Ackerman on

I’d like to introduce you to Concrete Formworks Accessories.

Concrete Formworks Accessories provides tools and materials used to build concrete forms and the placing, bending and reinforcing of steel. We provide construction stakes, screed pad posts, screed pads, nail point posts, header form brackets, screed hooks, double screed hooks, wire screed hooks, hickey bars/rebar benders, and the best stake puller available.

What makes Concrete Formworks Accessories special? Well one thing is the quality of our products. Our stakes are made with cold rolled steel, which provides superior strength and dimensional characteristics - I’ll talk more about this in later blogs. Another thing is that we carry multiple size stakes, including 60” and 72”.

And it is also the way we conduct our business - we keep a very low overhead by not having a storefront or outside salesman. This allows us to keep our prices low and competitive. We can ship next business day, to just about anywhere in the world, typically for less than it would cost to send a guy to the nearest building materials supplier.