Using construction stakes

Construction stakes, also called “nail stakes”, are used to build formworks before pouring concrete for flatwork applications, such as slab-on fill. The purpose of the stakes is to secure wood or metal forms to the ground.

Each stake has a chiseled point so you can drive the stake into the ground with little effort. We offer stakes in various lengths, from 12" long to 72" long. One rule of thumb is that you should drive the stake into the ground for one-third of its length, so a stake 72" long (or six feet) should be driven into the ground for two feet. Small stakes, such as those shorter than 30", should be driven into the ground for half their length. 

You can then attach screed bars, brackets (shown below) and hooks to the stake so they support 2”x4” boards, landscape timbers and surveying stakes.

Construction stake with bracket

You can also use stakes as support for string line guides. You can mark each stake and paint it.

  • Machine point end lets you drive the stake into clay, rock or compacted soils
  • Forming stake for concrete can also be used as a general purpose stake
  • Round steel with 3/16” nail hole every 1” along the spacing diameter
  • Made from cold rolled steel for heavy duty strength

Each stake is 60" long with 3/4" diameter and can be used with our: