Using Save a tube

Save a tube has been designed to prevent adhesives in tubes from drying out. This product was born out of frustration developed over years of having tubes dry out, often with a nail, screw or bolt jammed into the nozzle.

Imagine the number of tubes that have gone into landfill, since we know silicone takes a very long time to break down.

The caps fit all standard 15mm nozzle cartridges.

How to use Save a tube

1. Remove the nozzle from the glue cartridge.

2. Screw the Save a tube cap onto the cartridge.

3. When storing the cartridge, place it on the cap face for easy storage.

Useful Tips

  • Cut the top off your tube reasonably straight for best results.
  • When you're finished using silicone, remove the nozzle from the tube and set it aside.
  • Before placing the cap onto your tube, make sure the end of the tube is clean and isn't covered with silicone. This will keep the thread clean for the next time you use it.
  • When screwing the cap onto the tube, don't use force. Just screw it closed gently.
  • To store the tube, stand it with cap down on the bench.
  • If silicone in the nozzle has hardened, remove the contents the best way you can and reuse the nozzle.
  • When using liquid nails with the cardboard tube the cap may become stuck to the outlet and may just turn, use a pair of pointy nose pliers to hold the outlet to remove the cap.